Dec 26, 2018

What do I say to a person who is dying?

It is always difficult to know what to say and of course it will depend on your relationship with the person.

For me, first up, being my natural self is important as I feel it will then make the person feel more comfortable. It will then depend on the person them self. Take direction from their beliefs and their own conversation and if this means silence that is ok. Just holding their hand can be of enormous comfort.

Just because a person seems unresponsive I always think it is good to remember that hearing is the first sense that we are born with, and the last to go.

When a dear friend pointed out this prayer recently and the comfort that it brought to her dying husband I could not help but share it, as I think it is so beautiful.

Even though I am not "religious" as such, I would love these words spoken to me.

I offer these words of one of my favourite authors Neale Donald Walsh in the hope that others can receive comfort. Silvana x

This is an extract:

"This prayer is offered for you wonderful child of the Universe as you embark on the most joyful journey you have ever taken, filled with wondrous surprises.

The journey into the greatest happiness you have ever known, and the grandest experience you will ever have.

Dream now of glorious things. Dream of every fantasy come true. Dream of every pain disappearing. Of everything of which time has robbed you being given back to you again. Dream of seeing loved ones once more.

Those who have gone before and those who will follow. Know for a certainty that when you leave here you will be again with all those who have held a place in your heart and have gone before."

The full Prayer is here: A Prayer for the Dying

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