Feb 14, 2014
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Valentines Day - for everyone?

Everyone has a different opinion about Valentines day.

Some love it, some hate and cite "Oh its commercial" etc etc

As with everything in life, I guess it's about how you look at things and this is usually influenced by our own life experiences.

When I was single I would ignore it, even though something niggled at me deep down because I felt that any occasion that provided an opportunity to make some one else feel good in this world we live in, was alright in my books and of course, anything to do with the word LOVE always attracts my attention because of my personal belief that its the most powerful emotion that exists.

My opinion about VALENTINES DAY changed a number of years back. A very good girlfriend of mine knew that at the stages in our lives when we do find ourselves single, which is absolutely fine, being a choice or a fantastic growth opportunity, Valentines day could become a non event.

My dear friend was married but used to send me a Valentines day card thanking me for our friendship. I thought it was a beautiful thoughtful gesture and it taught me to think of VALENTINES DAY as an opportunity to celebrate LOVE in all its forms.

LOVE for my partner, my children, my family and my friends, where I live, pets, health and sooo many other things that I value.I figure that we can all benefit from feeling gratitude and love as much as we possibly can so perhaps what I am really trying to advocate here is to make this another opportunity to say hi and thanks, I'm thinking of you- doesn't cost a cent- but worth a million dollars!

Much Love to you all on VALENTINES DAY!

Silvana x

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