Feb 24, 2015

The importance of family members attending a Funeral service.

Whilst I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, I also have the immense privilege of working with families as they say goodbye to their family members at the end of their life.

As a Funeral Celebrant of almost two years, I really hoped to not only prepare and deliver very personalised services that would really honour and acknowledge the life of the deceased regardless of their circumstances, but for me to be able to be an integral part in the grieving & road to healing process.

The death of a family member, working with the celebrant to put the service together, and attending the subsequent Funeral service brings to the surface all measure of memories and complex emotions.

Some people are taken by surprise at the intensity of their feelings and at times it is difficult to face, however they courageously push on and face their feelings and allow their emotions to be released.

Sometimes there are complex dynamics between family members

It is my greatest joy to hope that, for this brief period of time that I am immersed in their story, that I can be a help in some way in the commencement of the healing process both with the loss and also between family members.

I also witness the the commencement of the healing moments of the children who attend so I do urge families to not underestimate the good that can come out of fully participating in the process of preparing a service with your family and your celebrant.

I was profoundly touched to hear today from a kind family member who sent me this feedback.

"Hello Silvana,

Well, where to begin…

Our family can’t thank you enough for the care you took in helping us arrange the service for my father. It seemed to us that went way beyond what was required of you as the celebrant.

Your patience, the extra care you took in putting together all the elements and the compassion and warmth you demonstrated on the day of the funeral.

We were so lucky to have you looking after us.

I imagine you have dealt with the complexities and high emotions with families and loss many times.

But your input was a significant part of the success of the ceremony and for me, and also expressed by my whole family, the funeral service really transformed the feelings around the passing of my father.

You should be very proud of what you did for us.

You are a good and thoughtful person.

All the best.

Thank you again. M.D.

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